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Surrender to Your Adversity

How to conquer adversity, build resilience and move toward your life’s purpose.

Rob Swymer book Surrender to Your Adversity

Everyone has a story

Like most people, successful executive, life strategist, and best selling author Rob Swymer has gone through his share of adversity in life. In his new book Surrender to Your Adversity, Rob illustrates how our internal voice influences every thought, belief, and action. By sharing his own hard losses—the unexpected death of a beloved partner, substance abuse, depression and other family challenges—Rob demonstrates that whatever adversities we may encounter don’t have to be permanent setbacks. He shows how even seemingly large obstacles can be opportunities that allow us to live more gracious, courageous, and authentic lives.

Rob provides a straightforward path for shifting your mindset and improving your resilience. He believes if you can change your mindset from the top, the rest of your soul and life will follow. He challenges the reader’s thinking, asking: What if every seemingly negative experience you’ve had was pointing you toward something bigger. What if inside every challenge, you could find purpose. He shares his lessons and maps out steps on how to conquer adversity, build resilience, and move toward a life with purpose. 

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Book Reviews

“Surrendering to things you can’t control is powerful but widely misunderstood. Rob describes how his dramatic and tragic struggles forced him to surrender so he could move forward. More importantly, he lays out how we can apply what he’s learned to move through our challenges with less pain and more grace.”

Russ Rausch
Founder of Vision Pursue.

Rob Swymer takes you on a journey to free yourself from the constraints of what’s happening around you. He demonstrates how even seemingly large setbacks can be opportunities, that allow us to live more gracious, courageous, and authentic lives.

Lisa Earle McLeod
Author of Selling with Noble Purpose, and Leading with Noble Purpose

Rob Swymer has faced adversity throughout his life and learned how to come out of each experience with a higher purpose and new perspective. As a seasoned sales executive of over forty years, Rob leads his teams with empathy and applies the lessons learned from his adversity to help others build resilience and thrive, not only in business, but in their personal lives as well.

Rob Swymer